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Pleasant Friday Night Gaming Session

Had a rather enjoyable evening with the Friday night gaming group last night.

It was good to get back to gaming of course, but the sheer pleasure of being lucid enough (though with some sinus blockage that my gamers commented on laughingly) to play and enjoy the gaming experience was quite wonderful in and of itself.

After the gaming group arrived last night, we talked about what they wanted to do, and everyone felt it would be easier to run a simpler game system, basing it on the idea that I wouldn't have to remember too many rules. :) So in the end, I ran the Primeval RPG on the gaming group last night.

I kept the plot relatively simple, with a single red herrring, and a bit of having to deal with some unruly civilians who didn't like what was going on, but who couldn't be told the truth due to exposure of the facts. The central plot was how to return the creature(s) in question back to its(their) own time (not going to say how many creatures there were in this one!), and the players handled this with solid teamwork, a good plan on how to go about it, and still managed to get in a bit of roleplaying and all. As per usual, I'll blog about the game session when I get a chance and catch up on a few of them.

Overall, I had a good night of gaming with the Friday nighters and running the Primeval RPG, though I was totally exhausted when the group broke for the night. Some chest pain was present and I was coughing from the talking a bit more than I'd like by the time we finished, but I didn't feel all that poorly.
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