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Got up a bit late this morning, as I didn't go to bed until around 2:15 am.

The gaming group showed up all chipper and ready to go, and we played the session of Desolation, the post-apocalyptic fantasy game, as planned.

Before getting to the gaming session, I had promised in an earlier LJ entry to let folks know something about the Friday nighters' characters in the campaign. So I'll do that right now. KathyB is playing Kiarra Foxten, a female thief who gave up that life a year ago to open a small inn and tavern. SteveB is playing Devron Sharpis, a former Legionnaire who settled down about six months ago in the village, and has become one of the village's few trained defenders. A former war veteran, he's got some scars and walks with a limp. Nick is playing Barm Vaks, a mongrel hunter and guide who has been accepted by the villagers, but who recently came back from an exploration mission with a bit of a memory lapse. He has a somewhat nasal voice, plays a mean game of birtas (a game similar to chess, but with a more war-like feel to it), and wants to find the killers of his family. Then we have Joanne, who's playing Teela Goran, a spell caster (I'm not giving away what type here!). She's taken on singing at the tavern some nights, and her deepest regret is giving up her baby daughter for adoption several years ago, for fear that her magic would endanger the child. She hides the fact that she's a magician as best she can, but has a fondness for using other people for the Burn. Oddly enough, her code of honour is that of survival of the fittest. Yep, she's almost a femme fatale in a post-apocalyptic fashion! Finally, there's Tom, who is playing a Rover merchant, Torvu Peng, who most believe is a Beguiler (whether he is or isn't only his tattoos can confirm!). He's a sneaky, slimy character, who plays a lute, and has a good stash of goods from when he served in last few Ascondean wars as a Supplies Officer, and yet has a twisted code of conduct where he won't swindle friends or family.

Anyway, given that two of the characters, Kiarra and Teela, work at the inn, that seemed the perfect place to bring all of the characters together for various purposes. Last night's session saw the plot coming to a head, as Torvu and Teela have finagled the others into a nasty bit of robbery, fooling the other characters about who they're working for and what it's all about, but the villain in question thinks that Torvu has divided loyalties, and the motivations of the characters are interfering with the smoothness of their plan. We wrapped up the session with the characters facing a group of irate villagers and some of their own personal demons. *sigh* Love this game! <g>

After we wrapped up the session last night, I wasn't feeling too bad, and the group decided that they still wanted to screen a film noir. The group decided on going with Mildred Pierce, a classic of the genre from 1945 with Joan Crawford and a young Ann Blythe. When the movie was done, they told me that they adored this film, which featured one of the strongest female characters they had seen in the movies in a long time (sic), and were quite surprised by who the femme fatale was in the piece.

All in all, a good gaming night, with some memorable stuff.


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