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Sunday Morning Status

Saturday was a relatively uneventful day.

It took me part of the morning to recover somewhat from Friday night's gaming session of the Primeval RPG, and so I took it somewhat easy.

After lunch, I made arrangements with spross to go grocery shopping with him, and watched most of the first period of the NHL hockey game between the Ottawa Senators and the Tampa Bay Lightning (it was 4-0 Ottawa after the first period, and they won it 5-3 in the end, so a good outcome).

We took care of the grocery shopping relatively quickly, and after I got home and unpacked everything, I took a bit of a nap, waking up around 7:00 pm, and then made some supper.

I turned off the lights and power for most of the devices in the house around 8:30 pm to honour and support Earth Hour, and once that was over at 9:30 pm, turned everything back on, and made an early night of it and went to bed. I read for about an hour, and then tried to sleep, but was having a few stomach cramps due to the medication (I hope). Didn't finally get to sleep as early as I would have liked.

I feel somewhat off and ill at ease this morning, but have had breakfast and my daily dose of pills as well as the first antibiotic of the day.
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