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Gaming Session with the Sunday Group Yesterday

As noted in one of the posts of yesterday, I decided that I could function well enough to game with the Sunday gaming group and run a game.

After spross and Tammy came over for the afternoon, we talked about what they wanted to do for the afternoon, and it came down to how I felt. Since I wanted to run something with relatively easy rules, it was decided that we would play the Primeval RPG for the afternoon.

I started off the afternoon with no real idea of what to run for the game, since I hadn't prepared anything (for obvious reasons), but the nice thing about the Primeval RPG is that scenario ideas can come from anywhere, and in the end, I continued one of the adventures that I had started back in late 2011 when only spross and Tammy had been available one Sunday.

After a bit of a refresher course, most of the game session was spent with the two players learning more information about the situation at hand, finding some interesting evidence about what was going on (even if they haven't put it together yet), and having a few red herrings (maybe) thrown their way.

Overall, I thought the game session of the Primeval RPG went pretty well, and was relatively enjoyable, though I found myself feeling a bit dizzy and out of my depth at times, although I don't think Tammy or spross noticed this. I didn't throw in any combat scenes in this adventure just yet, as I don't really feel up to running that kind of scene just yet health-wise. I'm just hoping that the plot and continuity of the adventure session that I ran yesterday made sense.
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