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The Day After the Storm...

Well, the snow finally stopped falling some time early this morning. Over 38 cms (about 15 inches) of snow came down, and the city was apparently at a standstill for most of yesterday.

Got up this morning, and am feeling a bit under the weather. I finished the antibiotic yesterday, so am hoping that I'm over the strep throat and all, but one never knows. I don't recover quickly from infections these days because of the diabetes, but that's another story. Decided that I wasn't going to try to unbury the car today, since the condo parking lot at the condo was a mess, so after bundling up in warm clothes, headed out and took the bus to work. Not a bad trip, but I noticed a lot of people have colds or flus or whatever.

There's only ten or so people at work at the moment, but hopefully others will come in. Donna's got a case of the sniffles, so she and I are just going to grab a hot cup of Chai tea before getting back to work.
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