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Just When I Thought the Day Was Going Well...

...Mom hurt herself quite badly...

I'm sitting at work comfortably doing my job and having a pretty good day, when around 1:45 pm, my mother calls me, her voice panicky. She had gone to my house to drop some stuff off for me, and decided to put the dishes in the dishwasher. She accidentally caught her leg (quite badly, as I was to learn later), taking out a huge chunk of skin on her shin. And she was bleeding quite a bit. Now, you have to bear in mind that even though my mom is getting up there in years, she's quite active and very stubborn about stuff. She told me that she was damn well not going to the hospital, and asked me to come home as soon as I could. Since I had put in a good day's work, I told my boss that I had to leave due to a family emergency, and he had no problem with that, and I caught a cab and went home.

When I got home, I saw that she had cut herself pretty badly, the skin literally taken off but still attached on the front of the shin, and it looked like it had caught a vein or something. She had bound it up with a bandage, but it was still soaking through somewhat. So I tell her that we'll go to the hospital...

Remember I told you that my car is still buried under the snowfall? Well, I decided that II wasn't going to dig out my car, so we took her car (a dark blue Mazda 4-door from the last decade or so), and I drove her to the hospital. Oddly, we didn't wait that long...and she was seen by one of the first-year residents. He said that she didn't need stitches, and had a male nurse bandage the wound properly, but said that she should have a tetanus shot. However, he told her that the wait for that would be about six (6) hours, and she would have to fill out all the right forms, and she told him (and later me) that she was going to get the shot tomorrow from her regular doctor.

I drove mom home, and then parked her car in her above ground garage, and took a taxi home. Once there, I decided that perhaps I really should clean the car off. It took me some forty (40) minutes to unbury the car, since there was a wall of snow up the passenger side, the back of the car was completely buried under the snowbank created when the condo's snow removal guys had cleansed the parking lot, and it was even in the car's tailpipe!

So, I've finally come home, and had a bit of tuna casserole (thank Goddess I kept some frozen from the last batch I made!) and a hot mug of tea, and am now going to collapse for a while. At least I'm feeling somewhat warmer now, so hopefully I won't catch another cold from all this running around. Spoke to mom about twenty minutes ago, and she's all right but in some pain, so has taken a couple of painkillers. I think I will crash for the night, unless anything else comes up...
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