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Sunday Afternoon Gaming Session, and Stuff

Despite my reservations about gaming with the Sunday gaming group yesterday, the day went pretty well as gaming sessions go.

spross picked up lunch for us at Tim Horton's but he left home later than planned due to some unforeseen stuff, so we didn't start gaming until after 1:30 pm. Since there was a chance that one of the new folks who might join the gaming group was going to come out (but not before 1:15 pm or so), I wasn't too bothered by this, though I suspect Tammy was a mite annoyed. However, things worked out well as we finished up around 5:30 pm or so, with a couple of breaks for me to take care of my sinuses and cough.

The gaming session of the Primeval RPG went pretty well, and the somewhat simple basic plot got resolved to everyone's satisfaction with no combat involved, though the sub-plot that I had in this one (which you'll have to wait on for the blog entry) worked out pretty well, even if I was a bit mentally discombobuated, and also set up a few things for future plots and material in the campaign (assuming it runs long enough). I'm looking forward to folks reading the blog entry on this game session at some point, as to be honest, there's some really interesting stuff that happened in this game session.

Overall, I was glad that I decided to run the game of Primeval RPG on the Sunday group. To be honest, it distracted me from how I'm feeling at the moment, though my head was blocked for large chunks of the afternoon, and the coughing didn't abate for long periods, though some hot drinks and some Tylenol Sinus helped as well. That said, I paid the price for it during the evening as the congestion and coughing increased by tenfold, and I felt rotten for most of last night, though I partially distracted myself watching re-runs and the new episode of Bar Rescue. Hey, whatever it takes, right? :)
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