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Back From the Doctor's Appointment

Just home from the doctor's appointment, and a trip to the hospital for an x-ray or three.

Went to the doctor's appointment at the office for 2:00 pm, and had to wait about 20 minutes or so before I saw the doctor. My head was relatively clear, so I was able to read a chapter of the book that I've been reading since the beginning of the month, and that was enjoyable.

After telling the doctor the story of the past three weeks or so (which I'm not going to recount here; if you want to know it, just go through the various blog entries for the details), he had me take off my shirt, took my blood pressure (slightly high, I wonder why), looked in both my ears, down my throat, and felt around my neck and ears, as well as listening to my chest and breathing. When he was done, he told me that my ears were relatively clear, my throat was slightly red (but he suspected that was due to the coughing), but that the lungs sounded all right but for some congestive sounds. He said that, regardless of the symptoms I've been showing for the past 7 or so weeks, that it is likely the nasty virus that is going around and that a lot of folks in the city have caught and are showing various symptoms of.

He did say that he wanted me to go and get some x-rays of my chest at the hospital, and filled in the forms for that. He said that he would call me with the results of the x-rays when they came back, and that in the meantime, I needed to treat the various symptoms that I've got using whatever remedies and medication I could. He also recommended that I try and take an anti-inflammatory of some sort, and see if that might help with the swelling and inflammation of the area around my left ear and neck/throat region.

I managed to drive over to the Riverside Hospital, and have the x-rays taken. They were pretty quick about the process, and it was a no muss, no fuss business.

By that time, I was starting to feel truly exhausted and was coughing and hacking away with vigour and authority. I actually managed to make the drive back to the house, where I collapsed onto the couch with a bottle of water and have napped for about twenty minutes or so (I think).

As soon as I finish this journal entry, I'm going to go upstairs and do some nasal rinsing on my sinuses. And have a cup of tea.
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