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My Doctor's Check-Up

Went to the doctor this afternoon for my regular three-month diabetes check-up and all.

Based on my diabetes journal logs, my blood sugar has come down a bit since I started taking the Actos, which is a good sign, although he has the same concerns that I do about the drug. However, the Actos needs about four months or so to be fully effective on me, so I have to hang in there with it, and see if it causes any of the side effects associated with the drug. We talked about alternates to Actos, but the replacement for it would be Glyburide. If I were to switch to the Glyburide and the combination of it and the Metformin were not effective or I couldn't handle the Glyburide, then the step after that would be to go to insulin injections.

That said, the rest of our talk and check-up was all right, and we talked about some other health issues that I've got at the moment, nothing that needs to be discussed here, and he checked the progress of the neuropathy in my feet. I'm pleased to report that it has not progressed at all, much to my delight.

Other than that, a pretty mundane day.

Oh yes, there was no snow today, and the sun was out for most of it. :)
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