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The State of JohnK

Monday morning. The second week of April already. My, how time flies.

I woke up this morning still feeling pretty wretched. The swelling and pain in my left ear area, down the neck, and into my shoulder, arm, and chest has not abated, my head is still blocked and stuffed with lots of phlegm, my chest still hurts and I'm coughing, and it feels like I have cobwebs or some such down there. The good news is that I got my voice back, sort of.

In the meantime, I am spending the day working from home, although my boss is not all that pleased about this, though he's happy with the fact that I'm actually working today. If the weather holds out nicely today and there's not too much of a breeze, I'll likely try and get out and take a bit of a walk this afternoon at some point.

In the meanwhile, another cup of hot tea with some lemon and honey.
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