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Playtesting on a Friday Night

As noted in yesterday's blog entry, I gamed with the Friday night group.

The gaming group had a pretty good time gaming-wise, and enjoyed the session of the game quite a bit. Rather than running a campaign scenario as I had planned of the game, due to my illness and the fact that CanGames 2013 is coming up fast, I ran a playtest session of the a|state RPG on the group, testing the scenario that I'll be running at CanGames in less than a month.

I'm not going to discuss specifics of the scenario, for obvious reasons, but suffice to say that the adventure went rather well, though I'll need to revise a few of the encounters somewhat to run it at the convention. The players had a good time with the player characters for the adventure, liked the basic plot of the adventure quite a bit, and had a really interesting time dealing with the lethality of the game mechanics in a|state.

I'm looking forward to running the game at CanGames, but I don't know what the future of the Friday and Sunday game campaigns of this one hold in store.
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