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Friday Night Game Report - Desolation RPG Sessions 3 & 4

The Friday night gaming group met for the final session of gaming in 2007 last night. This is not to say that I won't be seeing SteveB and Kathy and Ellie again before the New Year, as we have been known to get together during Christmas and for a New Year's party. But running rpgs is now done for the current calendar year.

Last night's game was Desolation once more, as the gaming group wrapped up the scenario that they were playing, and things turned out quite well. They had wanted to start character generation for Unhallowed Metropolis, but I *still* don't have a copy of the game, dammit! :(

I would have (pre-)ordered my copy of UnMet from the Eos Press store, but for the fact that they only take PayPal. (I vowed that I will never deal with PayPal again, after I was taken for over #200 U.S. on an order through them that never got reimbursed some 3 years ago. Oddly enough, I still get e-mails from them about my PayPal account, despite the fact that I no longer have one!) In the meantime, I placed an order for the game with both Amazon and Noble Knight. Amazon received their copies of the game last week, but mine didn't get processed as they ran out of copies of the game before they got to the order, and my order for it with them is now pushed back to February or March. Given that none of the retailers in the U.S. seem to have the game, other than The Dreaming (the hobby shop in Seattle that has a close connection to the folks at Eos Press, the guys who make the game), I've got no idea when I'll be getting a copy for the game. Like I said, I have an order in with Noble Knight Games as well, but their distributor hasn't even heard of the game, despite the fact that they're the main supplier for the folks at Eos Press (or so I've been led to believe). The Friday night gamers were hyped about the UnMet Neo-Victorian setting and the like due to the stuff they had read about it on-line, so I had wanted to get the copy of the game before the New Year so as to run it, but that's up in smoke now, and Goddess alone knows when Noble Knight will get their copies and all. Hence my post yesterday about Indie games. *sigh*

But enough of the rant...

In any event, last night's game of Desolation went rather well. To make things special, I started the game with the return of two NPCs, one friend and one enemy, from their past in a different (fantasy) rpg who had led them into intense trouble before. Needless to say, the players were shocked last night at the appearance of these two NPCs from "the past" in the new setting! Just nifty, cool, and their reactions were priceless. :)

The game will continue in the new year, when we resume the first Friday night in January. Assuming everyone has recovered from their New Year's hangover by then! :)
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