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A Busy Day, and Footcare Too

Today promises to be a long, tiring day. Possibly with some pain involved.

To begin with, this morning at work, the department is undergoing a security check. So from 10:30 am until around 1:30 pm, all electronic devices of a personal nature must be turned off and handed in for security purposes, to be returned around 1:00 pm. The work computers will be subject to random testing (whatever that means), and this means that actual travail will be accomplished in a random, scatter-brained fashion for this work day.

Then, the early part of my afternoon will be spent at the Footcare Clinic that I go to for the purposes of my six-week feet clean-up. My left pinkie nail has been bothering me something fierce for the last few weeks, so getting this dealt with will be a welcome relief. I've also got a couple of bad calluses on the bottom of my left foot that are in need of attention as well, so that will be a relief, too.

Finally, now that my head is relatively clear (so to speak), I need to get my act together and do some work and get the stuff ready for the adventures I plan to run for CanGames 2013, which is in slightly less than a month.

Busy day ahead. *sigh*

Meanwhile, back to work while I can do so.
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