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Gaming Thoughts of the Day

Finally, home from work.

Stopped off to do a bit of grocery shopping, since as noted in this morning's entry, I was out of yogurt. Picked up a few vegetables as well, so that was a good shopping trip.

As mentioned earlier, I'm pretty happy and excited to be gaming with the Friday evening and Sunday afternoon gaming groups this weekend. The reason for this is that we'll be creating characters for the antediluvian fantasy rpg Atlantis: The Second Age, to be published later this year by Khepera Publishing (the folks who brought us Hellas as well). This is the third or fourth incarnation of the game, depending on how many versions of the game you're willing to accept; for my part, there was the original game, The Arcanum (with its two supplements, The Bestiary and The Lexicon, the three making up the Atlantean Trilogy), published by Bard Games, and a second edition of the book, and the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG published by Morrigan Press, with its supplement, The Bestiary. So, for me, this is the third version of the game (since the second edition of the Arcanum book was not all that different, but merely corrected some errors and made some minor additions to the game).

I'm looking forward to seeing what the player characters in my Friday night gaming group come up with tonight when they test the system, possibly trying to break it. :)
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