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A Tale of the (Un)Hallowed Metropolis

As you may have read in my recent rant, I was seriously annoyed that I couldn't get a copy of the new Eos Press Neo-Victorian gas mask chic horror rpg, Unhallowed Metropolis anywhere, and didn't want to have to buy it through PayPal.

Well, guess what, folks? The problem has been taken care of. I was in touch with Brad Elliott, *the* Sales guy at Eos Press, to see if I could rectify the situation, and Brad came up with the solution: The Dreaming Comics & Games in Seattle. They actually have copies of UnMet (not surprising as I mentioned, since they have connections to Eos Press), so I paid for a copy of UnMet through The Dreaming, and Brad will ship it off to me as soon as possible.

What a great bunch of guys the folks at Eos Press are, and I want to thank Brad publicly for helping me get a copy of the game this way. Really looking forward to getting the copy of Unhallowed Metropolis in the near future; if nothing else, it'll make a good present for me when it arrives in the New Year. :)
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