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The Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Kickstarter

I've been meaning to post this for a bit, but other things have gotten priority. Anyway...

Once upon a time (back in 1985 to be exact), there was a guy by the name of Stephan Michael Sechi who had a game company called Bard Games. They published a book of game rules for an rpg under the name of The Arcanum, and eventually published two other books, a world guide and a bestiary, that became known as the Atlantean Trilogy and the Lost World of Atlantis RPG. What made the game unique was the world setting. Set in the Antediluvian Earth, a historical/mythical setting, the game world consisted of regions including Mediterranea (Europe), Eria (North America), Tamoanchan (South America), Turan (Arabia), Gondwana (Africa), Jambu (Asia), the Nether Realm (Antarctica), and Anostos and Jotunland (Iceland and Greenland). Mythical continents are added, including Atlantia (Atlantis), Antilla, Hyperborea, Lemuria, Mu, and several others.

The Arcanum was one of the many fantasy RPG games that followed on from the popularity of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG. However, Arcanum gained a strong following by offering several things D&D didn't have. Arcanum researched historical mythology closer than the other game did; it had some different beings and creatures from actual myth, such as hantu, bakru, alastor, bat horin, korupiru, balaha, and others; and it detailed each country's individual cultures, based on the actual real world cultures. The artwork by artist Bill Sienkiewicz were especially beloved of the fans. The game was a real mythology alternative to D&D's increasingly fantasy fiction game. The Arcanum went through a second edition, and a new, 3rd edition was published by Death's Edge Games as well.

In 2005, Morrigan Press released Atlantis: The Second Age, the next generation of the old Atlantean Trilogy game, this time using the Omni system (that was also being used for the Talislanta RPG), giving new life to the game, and also published the bestiary for the game in a smaller book format. When Morrigan Press went out of business (around 2008 or 2009, if I remember correctly), Atlantis: The Second Age seemed to have expired.

But Fate seems to be with this game...

Jerry Grayson of Khepera Publishing, the folks who had brought gamers the Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone RPG, bought the rights to Atlantis from Morrigan Press, and are in the process now of putting together the Atlantis: The Second Age</i> RPG in a new version that will get back to the game's roots in Antediluvian mythology and sword & sorcery. The new edition of the game will use the Omega system, a somewhat revised and cleaned up version of the Omni system, that was first used for the Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone RPG.

The folks from Khepera Publishing have an Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Kickstarter up at the Kickstarter website. One of the things that's really refreshing about this Kickstarter is that the focus is on the publishing and printing of the game rulebook, not any stretch goals and the like (although the stretch goals that are being considered are things that both players and GMs of the game would really want - a full-colour hardcover, for example). Too many Kickstarters these days seem to focus on the stretch goals and achieving these, rather than producing the product that the Kickstarter was all about to begin with. Anyway, the Kickstarter has twelve (12) days left as of this writing, and while the book is funded and we'll be seeing it in print, I know that I would like to see the book in full colour hardcover...

So if you are a fan of the Antediluvian world, good sword & sorcery fantasy rpgs, or what the folks at Khepera have done with their rpgs so far (Hellas is one of the most gorgeous rpg books ever to come out), please take the time and support the Kickstarter for the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG to be published by Khepera. I don't think that you'll be sorry that you did.
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