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Gaming on a Sunday Afternoon - Golden Age SF RPG Goodness!

Finished gaming with the Sunday afternoon gaming group around an hour or so ago, and had a pretty good day.

As noted in the previous gaming post about this, I was going to playtest the character creation system for the new Rocket Age Roleplaying Game of Golden Age science fiction, and that's what we did.
The process with spross and Tammy took a bit less time than it did for the Friday night gamers, and they were each able to create two characters for the Rocket Age game, and it proved to be an interesting process with both of them.

Here's an idea of what the player characters created...

spross - The first character that SteveR created was an Earthling Explorer with a major adversary in the form of a rival, German explorer and a healthy sense of curiosity.

The second character SteveR created was an Ioite Scavenger, who is eccentric in some way and has a phobia of some sort. (spross didn't specify exactly what either of these two were, so the character isn't really complete in that sense.)

Tammy - The first character that she created was an interesting one, a Ganymedian Hunter taken captive by a German expedition and then rescued by a group of Rocket Rangers, but not before she hamstrung the captain of the German vessel with his own knife! The character also has a phobia of being locked away from the sunlight (Ganymedians are photosynthetic) and looks to be a neat character. She's also got one of the Ganymedian Heart Bows as a weapon.

The second character Tammy created is a Venusian Harvititoi, a relatively young character who is wandering the Solar System seeking. Another interesting character, with a good deal of roleplaying potential to her, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Tammy will actually create as her player character once we seriously get into this game.

I was somewhat surprised by Tammy, who told me after we finished for the afternoon, that she really liked this game and what it offered, as she's not a space opera or "old" science fiction fan. She also mentioned that she felt that the Mars of this game was a bit like Barsoom, but I straightened her out on that and told her that I would add some elements of Barsoom to the game when I start to run the campaign.

The four player chararacters created were interesting enough, though spross's two characters were a bit less than satisfactory in that he didn't put any of the detail about some of the Traits that were needed, making them a bit lifeless. Neither player had any problems with with the game system and character creation mechanics, both being familiar with the DW: AiTaS and Primeval RPGs, but admitted afterwards that they had a few problems getting into the Golden Age SF mindset. Fortunately, as I mentioned in a previous post, Rocket Age has a good amount of background in the main rulebook, and gives the players what they needed to make some well-informed decisions.

A very enjoyable afternoon of character creation for a new roleplaying game that promises to be very good and have lots of good gaming ideas in it.

Really looking forward to running this now! (And folks who attend CanGames here in Ottawa can actually play in an adventure for the game and see what it's all about!)
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