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Of Weather, Work, Gaming, and TV

A somewhat cool, wet day here in the Ottawa valley this morning.

It's been raining, on and off but mostly on, for most of the morning, and the temperature is around 9oC (around 48oD) as I write this. It's making my bones ache somewhat, and my left ear and down the neck are hurting a bit today as well.

Work is... work. The boss is out of the office this morning, but things are moving along and I've almost gotten the scramble of stuff on my desk dealt with. It looks like it will be a relatively easy Tuesday here at the office, but I mustn't speak too soon, eh? ::knock on wood::

On the gaming front, I'm feeling some stress and am feeling pressured a bit right now. I'm having to do three months of work to get ready for CanGames 2013 in three weeks, because of the illness that I suffered through for several months, but so far, so good.

And in disappointing and seriously annoying news, another one of my favourite tv series, Bomb Girls, has been cancelled after two seasons, though a tv movie will be made to wrap things up. Just another example of how tv series I like are being given the shaft, while reality tv continues to dominate and the public doesn't know a good series when it sees one. :(
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