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It Never Fails...

...that just when I think that things are going well, I have some sort of accident. :(

I was making lunch this afternoon after having done a few game-related things this morning, and was cutting red pepper for my salad. Naturally, the knife slipped and took off a large chunk of the top of my left thumb. *sigh* I didn't notice it for a couple of moments, because the blood merged with the red pepper juices and all, but as the blood started to flow...freely...from the wound, well...

Suffice it to say I'm typing this one-handed right now, and it's not fun. The damn wound finally stopped bleeding about 2:00 pm, and to be honest, it stings a lot. I've got a bandaid on it with a decent amount of anti-biotic, and am doing most things one-handed. We are so dependent on the opposable thumb thing, but you don't notice it until times like this.

Anyway, off to try and read for a while. :)

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