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Work, Weather, and Medication

Whew. It seems that early summer is already here in the Ottawa valley.

Woke up this morning to a somewhat muggy day with a temperature of 12oC, and it's supposed to get up into the low 20s Celsius. As noted in many previous blog entries that I've written, I am not a Summer person, and really dislike the hot weather. Guess I shouldn't be living in Ottawa, huh? :)

Meanwhile, here at the office, work has piled up a bit since yesterday, though I've pretty much cleared off my desk this morning. The rest of the work day doesn't promise to be significantly busy, so this will give me time to work on some of the business translation stuff at a slower rate. However, as with all things in life, one just never knows.

In other news, I've reduced the dose that I take of Tecta for a couple of days to see what happens with my stomach and the acid reflux. So far, so good. ::knock on wood::

In the meantime, I need some lemonade.
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