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CanGames Prep

Finally got home from work, and now have a batch of stuff that I need to do for gaming and this year's CanGames 2013. I've got to finish up the player characters for the Rocket Age RPG of Golden Age science fiction, but there's some glitches in the character generation system, so I'm waiting on answers to that.

I've also got some work to do on the Primeval RPG material that I'll be running at the convention, as the writer of said material has too much on his plate to do this, given the recent birth of twins and the various writing contracts that he's got for Cubicle 7 (among other places). \

The weather is uncomfortably humid and somewhat warm (around 27oC), and I'm pretty tired, but this stuff needs to be done, and there's no one to do it but me. It's really the old adage: The players' enjoyment of a game is proportional to the amount of work the GM does on the game.

What it means is that I've got places to (not) go, things to do. :)
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