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The Sens Begin Playoffs

And so it begins.

The Ottawa Senators take on the Montreal Canadiens in the first game of their series in the NHL playoffs in just a couple of hours.

I honestly have no idea whether Ottawa stands a chance against the Habs, given where the two teams finished the regular season (Ottawa in 7th, Montreal in 2nd), but the odds are better against Montreal than against the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Boston Bruins, as the Sens season against those two teams shows (despite the heroics of the last game of the season).

The Sens are going to need offense from the young guns on the team, notably Mika Zibanejad and Jakob Silferberg, as well as solid work every night from the old veterans like Chris Neil, Chris Philips, Daniel Alfredsson, and a couple of others, and they'll need stellar goaltending from Craig Anderson. And naturally, Erik Karlsson will have to shine both on defense and in the opposition's end of the ice. Speaking of Daniel Alfredsson, the Ottawa captain will definitely have to lead by example in this series, as there are so many rookies in the line-up new to the playoff pressure cooker.

In any event, I'm hoping the Ottawa Senators can take this series, and I think they'll win it in 6 games, though it might go 7 games.

Go, Sens Go! :)
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