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Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror Thoughts

I watched this evening's episode of Doctor Who, "The Crimson Horror"...

...and loved it!

One of the best ever episodes of New Who, it was right up there with "Rose", "The Girl in the Fireplace", and "Blink" for me. Excellent episode, brilliantly done, though with a few gaffes and missteps.

Dame Diana Rigg and daughter Rachael Stirling were both superb in their roles in the episode, Dame Diana being a lovely villainess with a bit of over-the-top to her role that made it come to life. There were several very nice twists and turns to the plot, and I rather enjoyed the presence of Madame Vastra and Jenny in this one again.

I love the homage to The Avengers with Jenny doffing her clothes to reveal the Emma Peel-esque black catsuit and then taking on Winifred Gillyflower's minions. Lovely stuff. Also liked several of the references to classic Doctor Who, notably those to Tegan Jovanka.

Anyway, now looking forward to the return of the Classic Who Cybermen in next week's episode, written by Neil Gaiman. Should be fun.
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