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Ductless Air Conditioning... Oy Vey!

The sales representative from the folks at one of the companies that handles ductless air conditioning in the city has just left the house, and I'm in a bit (more) shock.

The fellow was pretty nice, and explained to me everything I need to know about ductless air conditioning, and I've concluded that it's the way to go for me.

There are just two problems. One is the fact that the system will run around $3,300. And that's one of the better quotes that I've seen, given some of the checking that I did on-line from various companies in the Ottawa area. The other problem is that the electricity for the ductless air conditioning system has to be routed from the power box/fuse box here in the house to the two units, and because of the way the house was constructed, this may not be viable. The sales representative said that he'll make an appointment to have one of the technicians come out and check the whole business out.

Still, $3,300 is a lot of money, and I need to figure out how I'll get that money to do this...
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