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Haircut, and Dunn's Famous Deli

Despite the pain that I was in today after tweaking my back and re-aggravating the bulging disc, I went and got my haircut this afternoon.

The little Chinese lady who usually cuts my hair was back at work today, and so I got a decent haircut. She was surprised how long I've let it grow, as she had to cut off 1-1/2 inches of hair. That's really unusual for me, but I left the haircut later than I had wanted due to the fact that I needed to get the haircut the week before CanGames.

I also decided to go and eat lunch at the relatively new (it's been open for a couple of months) Dunn's Famous Deli down on Bank Street. Dunn's makes the best smoked meat in the city, the Montreal Original Smoke Meat, and it was worth the trip. I only had the Smoked Meat Sandwich, "Just the right size for a smaller appetite", with a side order of fries, a pickle, and an iced tea. The sandwich was still pretty large, and the fries were a generous serving. The pickle wasn't small, either. Here's a couple of photos for proof.



Definitely a fabulous meal, and I'll certainly be going back to Dunn's Famous Deli again to try some of the other items on the menu. Yumm! :)
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