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Saturday Morning Thoughts

Woke up this morning feel somewhat tired.

I am still ill with whatever this infection is, though it may well be allergies. (I had this for the three months leading up to May, then got about two weeks of relief, and now have it again.) I don't feel too bad this morning, but we'll see how that shakes out the rest of the day.

The day promises to be quite busy, and I've got a few things to do. I'll be making photocopies this afternoon of the various character sheets that I have to hand out to the players for the three Primeval RPG and one Rocket Age runnings of games that I'll be doing at CanGames 2013 next weekend. Heck, while I remember, I need to dig out the three scenarios for the former game that I'll be running, and just read them over again so that I have a good understanding of them! :)

I need to take care of a last minute arrangement for Mother's Day for my mom that my sister wants me to handle. Not saying what, 'cause I don't want to spoil the surprise.

And I need to just get a handle on my health and start feeling better. To that end, I'm drinking peppermint tea with a bit of lemon and honey. It's helping with my throat and chest area somewhat, and additionally it's helping with the stomach upset that I've been feeling the last couple of days.
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