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Home, and Tired

Home from taking care of the printing of game materials that I need for CanGames next weekend.

Stopped off to have a hotdog and a (chocolate) milkshake (cold was good for the throat) at Harvey's. One of the better hotdogs that I have had of late (admittedly not a lot), but I found the milkshake a bit too thick for my taste. Couldn't suck it out of the container with the straw. Still, it was a good, chocolatey milkshake. :)

I'm feeling lethargic and under the weather after the exertions of the afternoon, and I plan to watch tonight's episode of Doctor Who (written by Neil Gaiman, with the return of the Cybermen), though I don't intend to comment here on the blog unless something unusual happens. After that, an early night of it, methinks.
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