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Mother's Day Brunch

Home from a lovely brunch with my mom at the Southway Hotel.

The brunch was served in the main ballroom of the hotel, and it seats about 300. Diners for the buffet were able to sit down and eat from 10:30 am with the last reservation being accepted for 1:30 pm, and the reservations were done in shifts pretty much, so there was always folks eating. The staff at the buffet and ballroom were friendly, some of them remembering me from my stay in the hotel for close to 3-1/2 months after the basement of my home got flooded with sewer water.

The meal was truly excellent with a buffet with such variety and menu items that I could have sat there and stuffed my face for a good three hours. I didn't, exercising some willpower, but the food was quite lovely. I had (and this is not a complete list) some scrambled eggs with veggies (made to order), some grilled veggies and roast potatoes, small bowl of Caesar salad, half of a slice of roast beef that was cooked slightly more in the kitchens at my request, iced tea, and...and...well, you get the picture. :)

Mom enjoyed the buffet quite a bit, and she even had a bit of tiramisu (I had a taster from it) that was just lovely. As part of the brunch, she was presented with a small tree or shrub seedling, and she was quite pleased about that. Afterwards, she and I walked around the hotel (they've redone the lobby and a couple of the other conference rooms) and got a bit of exercise that way, but she was feeling quite tired after this.

We left the hotel, and I drove mom back to her place so that she could take some rest, while I headed home.

I plan to watch a bit of tv this evening, possibly do some more work on the Rocket Age scenario for CanGames...but I definitely don't plan on eating much tonight. I am stuffed from brunch!
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