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Games I'm Selling at CanGames 2013, Part Three

As mentioned earlier today, I received a notice from CanGames 2013 announcing a new item registration system on-line for selling goods at the CanGames booth at the convention.

I took advantage of that last night, and registered and did the on-line filling in of the forms. In any case, while I remember, here's a list of the stuff I'll be selling at the convention.

Airship Pirates Roleplaying Game
All For One: Regime Diabolique RPG
All For One: Regime Diabolique RPG (second copy)
Ancient Echoes (Blue Planet)
Ashen Stars Roleplaying Game
Ashen Stars Scenario Pack (Three adventure supplements in two volumes)

Blue Planet RPG Game Set (Moderator and Player's Guides)

Desolation RPG
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Set (The David Tennant boxed set and GM Screen, still in cellophane wrappers)
Dreaming Cities RPG

First Colony (Blue Planet)
Fluid Mechanics (Blue Planet)
Frontier Justice (Blue Planet)

GURPS Arabian Nights

Heirs to the Lost World RPG
Honor + Intrigue Roleplaying Game

Natural Selection (Blue Planet)

Paris Gothique (All For One: Regime Diabolique)
Parsec RPG

Thousand Suns RPG Pack (The 1st edition of Thousand Suns, plus all three supplements)

Uber Steampunk RPG Pair (2 copies of the game, bound together)
Unhallowed Metropolis RPG, Revised
Unhallowed Necropolis, Revised (Unhallowed Metropolis Revised)
Universal Airship Combat System (Uber Steampunk RPG)
Urban Steampunk and Uncharted Steampunk (Uber Steampunk RPG)

Anyway, hope to see folks at CanGames this coming weekend, and if you're interested please buy some of the stuff noted above. I really could use the money for some major household expenses that have come up recently. Thanks. :)
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