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'Twas the Day After CanGames

Hope everyone is having a good day. :)

While I'm feeling somewhat tired, and am in a modicum of pain primarily in my lower right back and my left foot (as well as a few cramps in the left and right thighs), I have to say that I had a really good time and a mostly enjoyable weekend at CanGames 2013. The convention had a little bit for everyone - from children's games, through board games, miniature games, roleplaying games, and a couple of live-action events that I heard about - but I have to admit that I didn't have too much time to see lots of stuff. (Fortunately, I have a decent mobile phone and took some photos, and hope that a few others who took photos at the convention will share them with me or put some of them up!)

On this holiday Monday I'm taking it somewhat easy, have done a bit of reading, watched the past week's worth of episodes of Defiance and Doctor Who, am going to do some reading, sort out the gaming stuff and put things away, and get ready to write up some posts about my experiences at this year's CanGames (there will likely be three or four of these, with some photos as well).

I've got a footcare appointment for the end of the month, which is a good thing, as my feet need treating for the abuse I've put them through this past weekend at the convention, and have a bit of cleaning up around the place to to during the latter part of the week.

For now, changing the bed linen awaits. :)
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