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Tuesday Morning, Back at Work

It's Tuesday morning, the day after the long Victoria Day weekend here in Canada, and that means it's back to work.

Woke up this a.m. to see the weather was relatively cool, muggy, and wet. That explained why my back and hands were hurting somewhat, but that didn't mean I couldn't get up for the day. To be honest, it was nice to get back to a morning routine and have to think about getting to bed earlier in the evening so as to be able to get up for work and such. Had a good breakfast - omelette with cheese, ham, and some veggies - and then went in to work after showering and dressing for the day.

I came in to work around 7:15 am, and found my desk piled with work from the Thursday/Friday period, so there's been enough to keep me busy with stuff here. Donna and I chatted a bit about CanGames 2013, and she told me that perhaps she would try to go for the Saturday gaming in 2014 if I were to run something again. (Like I won't, right?) Work's been busy, so I'm going to focus on that for the rest of the business day, and see how I feel after that.

I need to stop at the bank on my way home and take care of some business there, and then it's likely when I get home that the first of the CanGames blog entries with pictures will go up here.

Still somewhat tired from the events of CanGames, but feeling much better than I expected to. ::knock on wood::
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