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Well, that was disappointing, to say the least.

Game 4 of the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins NHL playoff series was played last night here in Ottawa, and to say that the Ottawa Senators were thumped by the Penguins is an understatement. The 7-3 score in the game in favour of Pittsburgh was only a part of last night's game and the performance (or lack thereof) that the Senators put in after the first period of the game.

To put it mildly, while the Senators hung in there in the first period and led after one period 2-1, the collapse in the second and third periods by Ottawa was merely a symptom of how Pittsburgh improved their game by a factor of 10 and Ottawa just couldn't keep up. Ottawa didn't take advantage of the chances that it had against Penguins netminder Thomas Vokoun, such as they were, as the Sens didn't generate a lot of offense (especially on their power play) but Pittsburgh definitely took advantage of the 2 on 1 and 2 on 0 chances they had. Pittsburgh's offense flexed its muscles last night, and this was reflected in the score.

Daniel Alfredsson's reaction to his late third period power play goal, when the game was 7-2 for Pittsburgh and out of reach, was one that spoke volumes about the game by this point, and Ottawa now sits on the brink of elimination in the series as the two teams head for Pittsburgh for Game 5 on Friday. It really is do or die for Ottawa next game, but I think that this series is...

Well, 'nuff said.


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