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Friday Night Board Gaming Fun

As mentioned in an earlier blog entry today, last night I gamed with the Friday night gaming group.

Due to some illness (not mine) and a few other things going on, this was the first time we've gamed together in a while. And since it was the Friday after CanGames, this was a traditional night for doing some board gaming.

The entire Friday night crew was out - KathyB, Nick, Tom, Joanne, Angela, David, and Ellie (of course) - so once all the players were here, the first step was to decide on what the games were going to be. The group took a look through my board game collection, and came to a decision pretty quickly.

First up was a game of Pandemic, the wonderful board game of cooperative disease control. :) David and I sat out the first game, and this allowed the others to engage in all-out germ warfare. They managed to wipe out three of the four diseases but ran out of time as they ran out of cards in the Draw Deck. This was followed by a second game of Pandemic. KathyB and I sat this one out, and watched as the others were successful this time out in combating the various diseases.

By the time that second game was finished, the group wanted some conflict in their gaming, and settled on a nice (relatively speaking) game of Britannia (there's no link here, 'cause I can only find the 2nd Edition, which is a very different game). This game is one of the classics about the birth of Britain as players strive for control of the nation with the various invasions of England proceeding according to plan, and players accumulating points for victories. The game had lots of ups and downs, but the final score revealed all...

KathyB/Ellie (Purple) 78.5
Nick/Tom (Green) 125
Joanne/JohnK (Red) 90
Angela/David (Blue) 72

Overall, a good night of board gaming and lots of fun, good chat, some snack foods and drinks, and a relaxing way to spend Friday evening gaming with your friends! :)
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