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Just an Update...

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Had a flutter of pain in my arm when I woke up Sunday morning, but it disappeared when I got out of bed. Spent the afternoon gaming with spross and Tammy (Powers), and they started up a Hollow Earth Expedition rpg. Went through the basics of the game world I'm using, some of the variant rules I've got, and then proceeded to take on several sample combats. (Anyone who's ever played HEX knows why sample combats are important!). Relaxed for the evening with a book and watched the new episode of Desperate Housewives. Went to bed pretty early, for me.

Called the doctor's office ten minutes ago, and have an appointment for 1:00 this afternoon. Will let folks know how things went.
Tags: doctor, hollow earth expedition, personal, rpg, tv hut, update

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