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Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Woke up this morning feeling somewhat tired, as my bad back kept me awake for some time last night.

I spent a pretty relaxed Saturday, puttering around the house and doing some basic shuffling of items around, and finally emptied the tote bags with all the stuff from CanGames and put it away in the proper places (yeah, that was last weekend, but I didn't want to look at rpgs or even touch them for a couple of days, so...). I caught up on some of the EastEnders episodes from the last three weeks, and re-watched the Doctor Who story, "The Sontaran Experiment", from Tom Baker's time period. I have done a bit of reading, and spent most of Saturday just getting back to a normal, weekend rhythm (albeit with a bit of Robaxacet to ease the back pain).

So far this morning, the back pain has been minimal, and I find myself looking forward to the rest of the day. The weather today has been a bit more seasonal, but that also means my allergies have been a bit worse the past day or so. The Sunday gamers will be out to do some board gaming and just relax and have fun, and there's supposed to be a new player out to game as well. Should be a good afternoon.
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