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Sunday Afternoon Board Gaming

Had a very good, very pleasant afternoon of board gaming with the Sunday afternoon group.

After spross arrived and helped me do a bit of the vacuuming, we sat down and relaxed over some lunch, and talked about a variety of things.

Tammy arrived at my place around 1:10 pm or so, and then the new potential player, Amanda, arrived shortly after that. We all sat around the dining room table and chatted for a bit, getting to know each other somewhat, and Amanda discussed her roleplaying and gaming experience with us. She's got quite a bit of gaming experience, and may even decide to run a game or three (if she decides to continue gaming with us).

Once we started in on the afternoon board games, things went pretty well.

We started the afternoon off with a game of Ticket to Ride: Asia, and that game broke the ice quite nicely, though I got the feeling that Amanda wasn't all that thrilled to be playing the "train game". Rather than play the Team Game of TtR: Asia, we played the Legendary version of the game. Still, the way the game was played and the final outcome of the game showed something about each of the players. spross won the game by 1 point over Tammy, and I came in a distant third and Amanda finished up 5 points behind me.

We followed this up with several games of Pandemic, one of my favourite games, though I feel that I've played too many games of it the last little while. In the first game, we lost resoundingly when the red disease swept through China and we actually had no red disease counters left to add to the board. The second game saw the various diseases not running as rampant as they had during the first game, and we were able to win and cure the diseases with time left before running out of the Draw cards. The third game was extremely close, and we managed to cure the fourth disease with barely 2 cards left in the Draw pile, but fortunately the diseases did not get the better of us in the early stages of the game, although it looked worrisome at first.

Overall, it was a lovely afternoon of gaming, and Amanda is a lovely woman with a good deal of common sense and a modicum of roleplaying experience. She seems interested in joining the gaming group on a regular basis, and I'm looking forward to her starting to play with us next week.
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