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Pondering Games at Conventions (HammerCon and CanGames)

Sitting here in the office this morning with a bit of time to kill, as the current project I'm working on is waiting for some clarifications on linguistic translations.

In the meantime, I've been thinking a bit about roleplaying games this morning. Specifically, stuff that I will be running over the next little while.

With CanGames 2013 over and done, my gaming campaign will get back on track this coming weekend, with the addition of a new player to the mix in the Sunday group. The games that I see myself running over the next year or so include Atlantis: The Second Age, Primeval (of course!), Rocket Age, and Yggdrasill. I'm quite looking forward to running these games for the foreseeable future.

At the same time, I'm also thinking about conventions. While I won't be going to GenCon Indy this year barring a miracle (i.e., someone paying for my hotel and airfare), I'm considering and planning on how I can get to HammerCon in Hamilton, Ontario in early November, and then thinking about CanGames 2014. While I already have an idea of what adventures and stuff I'll run at HammerCon in November, I need to start thinking about the games I want to run at CanGames 2014, so would welcome any thoughts in this regard here in the Comments of my blog. :)
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