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Final Episode of Body of Proof Airs Tonight

Arrived at work this morning with clogged sinuses. Either I've got a cold, or my allergies are very bad.

In any event, while here at work, I saw the newspaper and am looking forward to tonight's episode of Body of Proof. That said, I'm also saddened and annoyed that this is the series finale of the show.

Yes, the series finale. The ratings for Body of Proof have been dropping since about half-way through Season 2, and to be honest, the death knell was probably sounded when ABC only ordered 13 episodes of Season 3 for a mid-season entry. With all the changes to cast between seasons, the ratings seem to have continued to drop, and ABC decided to cancel the series. There was hope that the series would be picked up by one of the cable networks or that another home for the show would be found after a write-in campaign by fans of the show, but that plan has fallen apart, and as I understand it, the series is now gone and toast.

And that's a shame. Body of Proof was one of the smarter detective/forensics shows on television, with Dana Delany playing a character in Dr. Megan Hunt who wasn't the typical forensic investigator. The writing on this show is smart, it's current, and while the acting chops of Mark Valley (who came in to replace the previous two seasons' leading man) hasn't been up to snuff for the most part, the show has darkened in tone for whatever reason this was decided on, and it's only now that Valley's character has gelled with Megan Hunt. But too late. This show deserved another full 22 episodes of life after a shortened third season, but that's not going to happen. And that's another travesty in the history of cancelled television shows in North America.

So after tonight's episode, I will be looking forward to Dana Delany's next tv work. But in the meantime, I'll always have the greatness of her work in China Beach, Desperate Housewives, and Body of Proof to look back on in DVD format.
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