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...and a Second Update...

Came back from the doctor's and the Medical Clinic about 4:30 pm.

First, I had another attack of whatever this is right around 12:15, as I was leaving for the doctor's office. The pain wasn't as bad as it was during the business on Saturday morning, but it was still not nice.

At the doctor's office, he went over with me the results of the hospital stay on Saturday (for more about those adventures, see this entry). Despite the results of the heart blood enzyme tests, he's not convinced that it was actually a heart attack, given the negative ECG stuff. He believes that it may still be connected to the diabetes, but isn't convinced that it's the Actos medication. We discussed some other possibilities, but he told me that from the diabetes point of view, I should stay on the Actos, as according to the Ottawa General bloodwork, my cholesterol and blood glucose are down quite a bit from the previous stuff. He sent me for an X-ray of the chest to confirm it's not other stuff, and then booked me appointments for the Stress Test and a Cardio Ultrasound, to rule out a few other things. The implication is that the next step, if those prove negative, and it turns out not to be muscle or viral lung infection will be an angiogram to rule out angina. In the meantime, he told me to take painkillers as needed.

So that's how things stand currently.

The pain is gone for now, but I've been lying down for two hours or so. I've still got red spots on my chest from the ECG feeds (the doctor suggested that I might be having a reaction to the adhesive used; some folks do apparently). Time for a bit of supper, methinks.

Oh, and in the good news category... my copy of the Unhallowed Metropolis rpg arrived in the post today. Wheeeee!! :)
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