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Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Happy Hump Day. (Well, at least for folks in Canada, as the Americans had a bit of a holiday on Monday.) :)

Woke up this morning to a grim, dark world.

The forecast for today has thunderstorms in it during both the day and the night, and the sun is definitely not peeking out of the cloud cover that is so dominant at the moment.

I came in to work this morning with a few misgivings. I had a difficult time of it last night, and have felt nauseous for most of the morning so far. In the meantime, work is progressing well and I have to start thinking ahead to lunch hour, as I need to work through lunch. I'll be going home early today as the fellow from Holmes will be coming to the house this afternoon with the price estimate on the ductless air conditioning system.

In the meantime, back to work with a cup of Chai tea in hand.
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