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Thursday Morning Thoughts

This morning has dawned relatively bright and sunny. The day here in the Ottawa valley promises to be hot and humid, with a temperature of 28oC and with a humidex of around 37oC - a day that promises to be very uncomfortable, to say the least.

The work day for me has begun like most others, with a bit of a pile of papers on my work desk, stuff that I'll get through by close to the end of the morning, by which time a fresh pile will have started to collect. That's all right, though, as it's par for the course. (I just don't like this type of golf (course) at times.)

In the meantime, I've got a Footcare appointment this afternoon that I'm not really looking forward to either, as my feet have been giving me serious grief the last month or so. This is likely to prove to be a painful experience today.

Finally, the Friday evening and Sunday afternoon gaming groups will be starting the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG campaigns this weekend with character generation, so I've got some reading and stuff to do in preparation for the game. Looking forward to the game sessions, let me tell you. :)
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