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Life on a Friday

Woke up this morning to another hot, summer day though it's finally the end of May.

The temperature is expected to hit a high of 32oC today with a humidex of around 37oC. Absolutely sizzling for the end of the month of May, though I'll be indoors at the office in relatively air conditioning while at work.

I've been feeling somewhat under the weather the last couple of days due to the weather. My asthma (which is not bad the rest of the year), allergies, and sinuses aren't all that comfy in this hot weather, and my body just doesn't take the heat all that well. The house is extremely uncomfortable at the moment, since the window air conditioner seems to be labouring somewhat with keeping the house cool. Perhaps the investment in the ductless air conditioner is a good move at this point for the long term.

In the meantime, work proceeds apace and the boss is happy with the progress I've made with my team on the current translation job. I'll be leaving the office around 1:30 pm today to get home for the appointment with the sales rep from Reliance to deal with the ductless a/c evaluation again, and then will have to get ready for the evening gaming session with the Friday night gaming group.

As for the weather... So, what does this mean that the summer is going to be like? Holy cow.
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