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Ductless Air Conditioning, Round Trois

Just finished the meeting with the Installation Manager from Reliance about an alternate way of installing the ductless air conditioning system in my home on this hot last day of May.

The news is good in this respect. The ductless a/c system can be installed in the new configuration that we've been able to work out, but it may be a bit more expensive due to a "complication" that's come up, although he'll be examining this problem and will get back to me on it either on Monday or Tuesday.

The neat thing is that this ductless a/c system is more efficient than a window air conditioner, and also saves a good 30% in terms of the electrical bills. There's just a minor decision to be made about how to go through the wall to the exterior of the building, and some electrical concerns. Granted, it's not going to be cheap, but it does help in terms of the resaleable nature of the house later on, if I decide to move.

In the meantime, on to other things for the day.
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