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Current Health Update

The doctor's office called bright and early this morning, 8:30 am, in response to the message I left on the machine there, to let me know that the results of my x-ray have not come in yet, and that it might be a month or more before the Stress Test and the Cardio Ultrasound can be arranged. Story of life in the Canadian medical system, but it seems to indicate to me that, regardless of what the Saturday stay in the hospital showed, it's not a heart condition necessarily, but something else. I've had a couple of other episodes since, but the pain is not restricted to the left side of my chest, so... In the meantime, am following the doctor's advice, and taking the week off from work.

I had also almost forgotten that I have my annual eye checkup coming up on Friday. This has been booked for over six months, since the eye exams have to be booked well in advance. The eye exam is slightly longer than usual, since there are a few other tests that are done, given that I have diabetes. I shall, of course, after the eye exam, be less than vision capable for about five hours afterwards, so that shall be fun. Riiiight.

Anyway, that's the health update. I'm going upstairs for breakfast now. :)
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