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Sunday Afternoon Game - Atlantis: The Second Age Character Creation

Gaming for the Sunday is over. Thank goodness.

The Sunday gaming group met up this afternoon to start their campaign of the Atlantis: The Second Age roleplaying game of sword & sorcery in the Antediluvian world. This gaming session was going to be about player character creation, and I was looking forward to that.

I got home from lunch at Dunn's Famous Deli around 1:00 pm, and fortunately none of the other players had shown up yet, so was able to go inside and get things ready for gaming with help from spross once he arrived.

Once the Sunday afternoon gamers showed up at the house for the day's events, I showed them the map of the Antediluvian world from the original game, and talked with them about the game world and answered their questions to the best of my ability for about an hour (or a bit longer, as I can't remember exactly). This covered everything from basic game mechanics, matters about some parts of the game world, the cultures available, and everything in between. Once again, this part of the process proved to be somewhat exhausting for me (and on my voice), as the Antediluvian world is just soooooooooo *BIG*, but the players seemed content with the knowledge and then we moved on to actual character generation.

Character generation in the Khepera edition of Atlantis: The Second Age is a relatively straightforward, somewhat easy to get through process, but it does require a good deal of thought and the making of choices. (You can get an idea of how character generation for the system works with the detailed example, Nadaria of Cimmeria, that I posted up to the blog back on Saturday.) That said, half the fun of the character generation system for Atlantis: The Second Age is the Life Path system; all of my players, when it came right down to it, opted to go through several Life Path events to make their player characters more interesting.

The characters that the Sunday afternoon players created for the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG are a pretty interesting mix of characters. Here's what the players have created.

Tammy - Tammy wasn't really waffling about this most of the week, as she'd set her mind to it. She created a Triton Scavenger. She also ended up with a pet on one of the rolls on the Life Path charts, something that I don't see as useful in this context (she took a dolphin). The only problem I see with the character is the constant fixation she'll have with water, water adventures, and staying close to the water.

spross - SteveR decided to create a fighter type. While he was thinking about a Cimmerian or some other northern type, he instead settled on a Scythian Warrior (also involving horses and riding), though he'll be quite smelly. He did spend a 4-year stint (iirc) as a slave, but nothing else about the character stands out to me.

Amanda - This was her first time as a player in a while, as she mentioned to me, and she appeared a bit nervous and uninterested in the game at times. Probably due to too much of an infodump. She created an Andaman/Anubim (Jackal) mage, and in the end settled on a Sorceress. Her Life Path rolls were pretty interesting, and she ended up befriending a hermit twice, giving her two extra Modes (style of magic) at +5 each. The character is going to be a powerful magician in the game, and I hope this doesn't overshadow everything else for the character.

No, the players do not have names yet for their characters, and to be honest, I can't remember a lot of other detail about the characters as I didn't have time to take any notes as I did with the Friday gaming group, so I'm sorry this bit is so skimpy. Several of the players opted to roll four times on the Life Paths, and thus their characters aren't really "starting" player characters or as young as the could be, but that's all right as long as they can deal with this fact. The players didn't really talk together about any common ties or connections to each other they might have, and that will likely cause a problem or two down the line. We'll see how that goes next week, once the players get into the game and all.

Overall, I thought the three players did a good job of creating their characters, came up with some interesting basic concepts for their characters, and seemed to have a decent time of it going through the process of character creation. Overall, the players quite liked the character generation system for the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG, and are now looking forward to starting their game on Sunday afternoon next week.

I think I am, too. :)
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