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Good News, and Bad News

Just got home from the appointment at the doctor's office.

The good news is that the doctor has set the paperwork in motion for a deal to cut the price of some of my medications down.

The bad news is that when I came out of the doctor's office, I found that someone had hit my car in the parking lot. The passenger side of the car had been swiped from just past the back door all the way beyond the tire well, and had paint completely scratched off on that side.

The good news is that on the way home I stopped at the Chrysler dealer, and after looking at it he told me that the damage isn't too bad, and it'll likely run me about $35 to fix. Maybe, a bit more depending. All I have to do is drop the car off on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

In the meantime, I need a cup of tea. Then I've got to get ready for gaming tonight.
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