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Sunday Morning, and Gaming Thoughts

Had a relatively restful night's sleep last night, but woke up somewhat late this morning. Not sure why.

Summer is scheduled to return to the Ottawa valley starting today, as the temperature is supposed to hit 26oC (though I don't what the expected humidex is to be). I can already feel the temperature starting to rise back to summer norms, and the allergies that I suffer from are starting to affect me as well, as I feel stuffy and my eyes are somewhat itchy and red.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to this afternoon's game session with the Sunday gaming group. The group is playing Atlantis: The Second Age, as are the Friday night group. I was going to actually start the first game session today, but with the departure of Amanda from the gaming group, spross and Tammy have decided they need to create new character to make things a bit more balanced, so we'll be doing character generation once more today. *sigh* I can't say that I'm pleased about this, but I see their reasoning.

In any event, I'm going to get myself into the shower now, and hope that I feel somewhat better afterwards.
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