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Sunday Afternoon Game - Atlantis: The Second Age Character Creation, Second Time Around

Sunday afternoon's gaming session is done for the day.

Mentally, I'm pretty tired.

The game session went exactly as I figured it would, though there was a bit more to it than I expected. As mentioned previously, the Sunday gamers were supposed to start playing their Atlantis: The Second Age campaign, but the departure of the new player, Amanda, made Tammy and spross decide that they needed to create fresh characters for the game, as the mix of characters was changed by Amanda's departure.

Character generation in the Khepera edition of Atlantis: The Second Age is a relatively straightforward, somewhat easy to get through process, but it does require a good deal of thought and the making of choices. (You can get an idea of how character generation for the system works with the detailed example, Nadaria of Cimmeria, that I posted up to the blog back when.) That said, half the fun of the character generation system for Atlantis: The Second Age is the Life Path system; all of my players, when it came right down to it, opted to go through several Life Path events to make their player characters more interesting.

The characters that the Sunday afternoon players created for the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG are a pretty simple mix of characters for the sword & sorcery genre that this game focuses on. Here's what the players have created.

Tammy - Tammy had talked me to me all week about what she might play, and while she really wanted to play her original character, the Triton Scavenger, she knew that wouldn't work well with whatever character spross decided to take. In the end, Tammy created Zeela of Aragana, a magic wielding character, but not the typical type - she's chosen to play a Human Witch. The character has a familiar, something I didn't expect her to have but which I knew that she wanted, and while I had to create the Witch Profession template for the game, this wasn't all that difficult.

spross - SteveR decided that he was going to keep Saris Tar, the Scythian Warrior (also involving horses and riding) that he'd created the week before, but that he was going to re-create the character partially to get a bit more out of the character and change some of the focus to compensate for the lack of a third player in the gaming group. The character came out a little less... interesting ... as far as I'm concerned, but nothing about the character really stands out for me.

No, the players do not have names yet for their characters, and to be honest, I can't remember a lot of other detail about the characters as I didn't take any notes on the process, so I apologise for this entry being a bit skimpy on the details. Interestingly, neither player rolled more than twice on the Life Paths this time around, so the characters are somewhat younger than the three characters created earlier. The two players didn't talk about any common ties or connections they might have, so this will have to be dealth with somewhere down the line, and will cause problems between them as spross's Scythian won't have any respect for Tammy's female character. We'll see how that goes next week, once the players get into the game and all.

In the meantime, I'm just looking forward to getting the player characters into the game campaign and all! :) Hopefully, they're looking forward to getting into the Atlantis: The Second Age game next week. :)

Note: This entry has been edited on July 3rd to add the names of the player characters for the game.
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