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Ductless A/C, Part Five

The technicians who were installing the ductless a/c have finally left for the day. Unfortunately, the job is not quite finished, through no fault of theirs.

The two technicians from Reliance Holmes arrived just after 9:00 am this morning, and after helping with moving the last of the furniture and stuff that needed shifting, they got to work with the installation of stuff.

I had stuck around until lunch time, going over everything that needed discussion and making sure location of machines and the mechanical aspects were clear in my mind. Then, since the car was being picked up for some paint work after the accident I'd had at the doctor's office parking lot the week before, I called spross, and we went out for lunch at Dunn's Famous Deli.

After lunch, we went to South Keys and the Cineplex there to go and see the relatively new film Epic. All I will say is that this is a great kids movie, truly... epic, and was wonderful. Will definitely take my goddaughter to this movie at some point, and when this one comes out on DVD, I'll definitely be picking it up.

After the movie, got back to the house around 3:45 pm, and the two technicians from Reliance Holmes were still working. Most of the work was done, just a few touch-ups needed to be done. The trick was that there was a mechanical problem with the outside compressor, and the unit needs to be replaced. This will take at least a few days, so the ductless a/c could not be tested at all.

In any event, here's a photo of what the interior wall looks like with the indoor part of the assembly complete. See the earlier post from today of how it looked before the installation.


I'll post a photo of the exterior portion of the installation when that's complete.

In the meantime, I'm stuck still using the window air conditioner for now. Dammit!
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