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Ductless A/C, Part Four

It's around 11:30 am here, and the Reliance Holmes technicians are busy at work installing the ductless air conditioning system.

They arrived here this morning a little after 9:00 am, and set to work. They were kind enough to help move most of the furniture out of the way that needed shifting and the drapes needed to be removed, as my back has been pretty bad the last couple of days, and my feet aren't cooperating much either.

It took half an hour or so for the Reliance Holmes fellows to go through the various steps of the installation with me, measure everything out for locations of equipment, piping, and so forth, and get the specs down right, but once they got to work, it's been going relatively well.

I'm somewhat anxious about matters, the heat of the day is contributing its part to this, and my allergies are quite severe at the moment (what with the windows being open and all the summertime heat and allergens coming into the house). I've called spross, and he and I are going out to eat lunch at Dunn's Famous Deli and then we're going to go to South Keys and the cineplex there and catch a movie. (My mom is coming over to the house, and will stay there until I get back, around 3:30 pm or so, at which time hopefully they'll be nearing the end of the installation.)

In the meantime, here's a photo of the area in the living room on the ground level where the internal unit for the ductless air conditioning is going in.


I'll post up a photo after the unit has been installed in the living room as well, and a shot of the external compressor that the system uses once that's been installed as well.
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